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Diriyah Gate – King Salman Knowledge District offices

SSpecialized Fast Track Projects

Prefabricated buildings solutions have revolutionized the construction industry with their versatility and efficiency. These innovative solutions incorporate sandwich panels, consisting of two layers of material (typically metal or composite) with an insulating core, creating a lightweight yet durable construction element. Sandwich panels offer exceptional thermal insulation, soundproofing, and fire resistance properties, making them ideal for various building types, including industrial facilities, warehouses, commercial structures, and even residential units. The prefabrication process allows for precise customization and rapid assembly, reducing construction time and costs significantly. Furthermore, sandwich panel prefabricated buildings are highly energy-efficient, contributing to sustainable construction practices and minimizing operational expenses in the long term. With their strength, insulation, and design flexibility, sandwich panel prefabricated buildings have become a preferred choice for modern construction, providing superior performance and aesthetics without compromising on structural integrity.

at Reqaz we offer variety of specialized solution that fit your project requiements for Administrative Offices, Accommodation, Canteen, Mosques, factories, warehouses …etc.

King Abdulaziz University of sience & technology -KAUST Coast guard check point on redsea isolated island

Supply & install of prefabricated building including civil , infrastructure work & MEP work

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